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What a great day of real turbine RC Jets. The Wingham Ontario Airport was the site of some spectacular Jets in action with speed, sound and precision scale. Angus McDonald and team put on a great show. I will be there again.


Several faces taken in Cuban cities and towns: Vinales, Trinidad and Havana.


One of wildlife fascinations has always been for wolves and coyotes. Over the past three years, I have spent considerable time roaming through brushlands of Mississauga and Etoicoke photographing coyotes. They can be found just about everywhere but are very reclusive. At one point I became quite familiar to a male/female pair as they went about their hunting.



We spent 16 days travelling through Newfoundland a few years ago and found photogenic vistas, fishing villages and wildlife everywhere.


High Dynamic Range or HDR for short, is a process whereby the photographer will take 3 or more images. One will be underexposed, one overexposed and one correctly exposed. Sometimes as many as 9 images could be taken across the spectrum of exposure. These images are then collected and processed by a program which selects the best exposure for each tiny part of the over all image set and then produces a very different sometimes startling image of the original scene. I have enjoyed diving into this realm and have a great many things to learn to get it just right.


A study project.


Coyotes, Utah, Cuba, Avro Arrow Build