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About me - Biography

Jim Calvert at Dark Hollow Falls, Virgina

By training, I am an Engineer. However most of my career has been centered around building software. Now retired, I have focused on one of my passions, photography. That passion grew from a deep interest I have of astronomy and of course, astrophotography. I started photography with a Minolta SLR some 40 years ago but never had the time to really bring it to an acceptable level. With the advent of digital photography and also joining the Mississauga Camera Club, I have learned from the club masters what is needed to really make a decent photograph. There is a great deal to learn.

At the Mississauga Camera Club, I have taught advanced courses in Photoshop.

Canon Camera & Lenses

I have been a Canon enthusiast for over a decade. While I don't use the latest highend bodies, my current EOS 50D does a very adequate job.

With the exception of the incredibly sharp 100mm Macro lens , all of my lenses are "L" type with my favourite being the 70-200mm ISM f/2.8 lens.



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